Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Could we have a World Club Comp in Hockey?

In recent times, I have been reading comments by people in relation to the Hockey Pro League, that they would have preferred to see a World Club Championships similar to what we see in Football, well I am not sure if this is possible, in hockey. Why do I say it may not be possible well?

- European Hockey League right now is the strongest club based league in the world, and there really isn't a competition anywhere else being play that can match it from a club point of view.

In saying that, I am prepared to put forward a model that may work in the end. This is my model-

- Each country hold there own Club Championship qualifiers, with one winner emerging.
- Those winners then compete in a Continental or Federation qualifier, with one winner emerging from that, or in Europe's case they get two.
- Then the World Club Finals are played with one club team representing each continental federation.

So what you would emerge with is the following-

2 x European Hockey Federation based Club qualified
1 x Asian Hockey Federation based club qualified
1 x Oceania Hockey Federation based club qualified
1 x African Hockey Federation based club qualified
1 x Pan America Federation based club qualified

Now like I say Europe gets 2 club teams qualified, but this is in recognition that they are the strongest continental federation from a club point of view.

This is the only way I can see it working, but like I say I am not sure that it would actually be a viable competition as I suspect the European teams would dominate it, I know for a fact I cant see an Australian based club right now that would be strong enough to beat a single EHL club.

Anyway what do you all think, I welcome comments and thought, is this possible.

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