Friday, 16 June 2017

My Idea for a new field hockey trophy

With the introduction of the Hockey Pro League in 2018, and the end of the Champions Trophy, there will be room in the International Field Hockey Schedule for a new trophy, well I have an idea which is different and brings together several version of the game under one, format. This format will be field hockey's version of the Ryder and Presidents Cup in Golf. Now the trophy I currently don't have a name for it all though I thought that the Dwyer/Aywar Cup would fit perfectly as perhaps the two greatest players of the most recent era.

This trophy would be played between the following to teams-

Australia/New Zealand v Rest of the World

The best 16 men and best 16 women's hockey players from Australia and New Zealand would combine and compete in a series of games (rubbers) against the best 16 men and women's hockey players from the Rest of the World, over one weekend. The format would take on the following-

3 x Hockey 5's Games (1 mens, 1 women's, 1 mixed)
3 x Hockey 9's Games (1 mens, 1 women's, 1 mixed)
3 x Hockey 11's Games (1 mens, 1 women's, 1 mixed)

The winner will be determined on the following points system over the weekend-

1 point for a win
1/2 points for a draw

The first team to 5 points wins the competition. However if both teams are tied at the end of four and half points a piece, then a winner will be determined in the following way-

-  Best of 3: mixed teams 3 on 3 shootout

If still tied after that then-

- Best of 5 mixed teams 1 on 1 shootout

If after all this the two teams are still square then a count-back on goals for and against over the weekend will be used to determine the winner.

I believe that this would be a very exciting format and a different format which would be very attractive to the players to participate in, also the trophy would only be contested every two years similar to the way the Ryder and Presidents Cup is in golf.

What does everyone think, would this be a great idea, would it work, would there be interested in trying to get it up and running, the first contest could be held in Melbourne say in late 2018 or 2019, with it alternating every two years with the countries that make up the rest of the world squad.

I welcome people's comments.

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